Celebrating the Unwavering Spirit of Rural Women on the International Day of Rural Women

In recognition of the International Day of Rural Women, we had the privilege of speaking with two remarkable women innovators in agriculture and rural areas of Spain. Their stories exemplify the invaluable contributions of rural women to development and their unwavering commitment to their communities.

Natalia del Águila García: A Culinary Artisan from Extramadura

Natalia del Águila García, a graduate in Environmental Sciences, boasts over 14 years of experience in social action. Her remarkable journey began as a volunteer in environmental and local development projects in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Mexico.

Natalia’s latest venture, “Las Delicias del Palacio del Dean,” is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit. She crafts sweet and savoury jams with unique flavours, such as green pepper and ginger, pumpkin, carrot and ginger, and more. Her product range also includes vegetable preserves like Gata sauce with turmeric and pepper, ratatouille, and tomato and basil sauce.

She markets her products through her website, online consumer groups, markets, restaurants, artisanal shops, and her secure e-commerce platforms on Instagram and Facebook.

Natalia’s venture is not just about delicious culinary creations. It is deeply rooted in a mission to recover traditions, promote artisanal food, support local producers (especially young and rural women), and combat the depopulation of the “emptied Extremadura.”

As the world embraces the philosophy of savouring wholesome, seasonal, natural, and locally sourced cuisine, Natalia’s dedication aligns perfectly with the growing desire for sustainability and the preservation of our planet.

On this International Day of Rural Women, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of women like Anabel Calderín Castro and Natalia del Águila García, who exemplify the invaluable contributions of rural women to development. Their stories remind us of the incredible potential that resides in the hearts of our rural communities.

Fuente: Fliara.eu

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